Crime Cash Streets

5 min readMar 22, 2022

The GameFi sector is exploding with interest and exciting new projects. As part of our goal to propose a game tailored to the most competitive players, in 2021, we launched Crime Cash, a Play-to-Earn (P2E) game about the gangster underworld in which all players must compete to take over the city.

The following review will introduce you to the game, its mechanics, and features you should know.

What is Crime Cash?

CrimeCash is a strategic battle game that takes players into dark streets and alleys in a dangerous mobster city. The game has taken the entertainment style of vintage video games and dropped it into the Blockchain, in this case in a P2E model. So, while players try to become the crime boss, they can get rich with $CRIME or $CCASH, the game’s native currencies.

How does Crime Cash work?

To win the round, players must collect enough loot during 30 days of play. In the end, the richest and the most powerful player will wear the crown. After each round, all $CCASH is burned, and weapons are deleted (unless they were bought through the fortune wheel) so that all users receive 1000 $CCASH for the next battle. The purpose of this rule is to boost fairness amongst all participants.

To measure your performance during the round there will be a weekly leaderboard and a monthly leaderboard. You will always be able to place your gang among the top winners and see how you are performing.

At the end of each round, 1000 $CRIME is awarded to the monthly and weekly winners!

Gameplay — Main features

NFT Fortune Wheel & The Store

After connecting your Metamask account with the game, you can start creating a badass character. Choose a memorable name and add an image that goes along.

To start looting your enemies, the best option is to visit the NFT Wheel of Fortune and invest some $CRIME to get a random weapon. It can range from a powerful AK-47 to a shield to defend yourself from robberies. All you have to do is choose the weapon/perk section of your choice, spin it and in less than 10 seconds you will get the random NFT that will give you a boost for as long as you keep it on your wallet.

The Store, on the other hand, is where you will be able to buy equipment using $CCASH. It is the most entertaining space of all. There, you can give free rein to your imagination. You have at your disposal all the weapons classified in 4 different sections:

  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Boost
  • Full Protection

The weapons range from cold weapons to night vision goggles, bodyguard protection, a sniper, or even protection from the US government, all to please the most ruthless gangsters! Each weapon has a price and availability but only lasts for one round.

Assets and NFT assets

The assets section helps you to sort, manage and have an overview of your items. You can find this section on your dashboard and start sorting your attack weapons, your defensive equipment, and your perks.

Staking $CCASH

Staking can be an excellent option to make great earnings. On the dashboard, you have access to a CCash Balance section to manage your funds and track your transactions. Here, you can do staking and start increasing your earnings with daily interest knowing that your $CCASH can’t be robbed. The amount to stake depends on the players. The board will help you understand how much is the Annual Percentage Yield (APY) you can get.

Provide Liquidity

Additional options we have included in the game are adding liquidity to Liquidity Pools (LPs) with very high APY’s. As part of the in-game experience, we have developed a valuable feature to lock your tokens into the LPs of other projects that will reward you with higher APY’s.

The looting experience

Now that you have a global vision of the game, let’s not forget the goal of all G’s: to loot their opponents. To do so, you must go to the Players section to see the current players and their total funds.

To be able to “loot” an opponent, you need to make sure you meet the primary criteria of all robbers. You need to make sure you are stronger than your opponent, which means having more attack power than they have defensive.

The amount of $CCASH you will rob from your enemy is randomly generated (between 10–50% of enemy $CCASH) according to the $CCASH amount they have.

About CrimeCash

CrimeCash is a play-to-earn game built on the Fantom blockchain. To win a round and rule the CrimeCash streets as the ultimate criminal mastermind, players must collect enough loot over a thirty-day period to don the crown.

In a pursuit to become the CrimeWorld kingpin, players have multiple ways to earn $CRIME and $CCASH. To know more about the gameplay and development updates, follow our Twitter, Discord, and Telegram Channel.




Crimecash is a game where you can buy weapons and loot other players. Join our telegram