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The long awaited CrimeCash $CRIME IDO is finally here. It will be happening on CoreStarter on the 22nd of December at 12pm UTC. Not only is it based around a highly addictive style of game, it has a brand new set of tokenomics that have never been used before with two in-game currencies. It’s a welcome change to the repetitive style of games that are currently being released.

The first thing about CrimeCash is the most important, it isn’t ‘in development’, it isn’t raising funds to ‘create’, the game is built and ready to go. With congestion on the Binance Smart Chain and a few issues with delays of minting on bsc the team decided to migrate this over to Fantom network. Why? Well if you are familiar with Fantom you will know, lightning fast speeds, extremely low transaction costs and is highly secure. The game will be released in late January.

What is CrimeCash?

CrimeCash has taken the style of the old, addictive mobile games we played when smartphones first came out and turned them into a p2e game that will have you not only walking down memory lane, but earning $CRIME or $CCASH while doing so. You will loot other players for their $CCASH and power up to try and create the largest, strongest gangster in town. Using your gold ($CRIME) you can mint special NFTs or Perks that will help you gain the upper hand against other gangsters! Use your referral code to bring family and friends to the game and get free $CCASH to buy more weapons to power up!

The Tokenomics of the Game

We mentioned a brand new set of tokenomics never seen before, here we will explain how this works as it is VERY important to understand when participating in the gold ($CRIME) IDO on the 22nd December. The Cash ($CCASH) sale will be in January on a platform to be announced as this is an in game currency. I will outline the value of Gold, and briefly explain Cash, we will put another article out soon to explain the entire game mechanics.

Gold ($CRIME) — Date 22nd December 12pm UTC — Raise amount $100k — TGE 29th December

Gold will be the first IDO on CoreStarter taking place on the 22nd of December. The mechanics of gold are similar to other tokens with a few changes. One gold will be worth $200 to start off, you don’t have to buy entire pieces you can still buy in fractions the same as all other currencies! There will only be 10,000 Gold ($CRIME) in circulation at the start of the game. Gold is designed for the gamers and not the VCs and private investors, any large funds who buy in to support the project pay twice the price, so $400 per gold BUT theirs is still worth the same value as yours, $200 per gold. This is to ensure price stability and stop dumping in large volumes. The second feature of gold which makes it unique is a burning mechanism. Whenever you sell your gold it will automatically burn 25% of it so you will only receive 75% of your total value! Why? Again, this is to stop dumps, also to help make this an even further deflationary asset! Gold will be listed on Exchanges following TGE, and you will be able to sell — but remember you need to take into account the 25% burn when you sell.

In game you can use Gold to mint special NFTs and perks that will help give you the upper hand against the competition. The NFTs that you mint with gold will cost you 0.1% of the total circulating supply (so price will vary) and these are kept FOREVER, and will carry through to the next round. Gold is also the reward for the winners of the round! We will go into more detail in the next part of the article, but at the end of each round there will be 1000 gold minted. Of the 1000; 5% (50) is shared between CrimeCash team/advisors and 95% (950) is shared between the winners! This keeps a slow and stable amount of Gold coming through the game and as it is Burned, and bought back by the team, this way gold will climb in value.

With burning mechanisms, buy-backs, in-game purchases of NFTs that roll over to the next round and twice the entry price for Investors, Gold is designed to increase in value over time!

Cash ($CCASH) — Date TBA January — Platform TBA — Raise amount uncapped

Cash will be raised on a separate platform as it is an in-game currency! This will happen just before the main game release later in January. The $CCASH token is designed to depreciate, so go down in value over the game.

Cash is purely an in game currency. You can use Cash to buy assets (weapons) from the store and also stake using the in-game system, AND you can create an LP token in game to earn even higher rewards pairing with FTM or other tokens. This will help increase your cash holding as the round progresses. LP tokens will be given back at the end of the round to redeem. Your Cash can be held in your wallet, or in your Bank if you are going for the grand prize.

NOW, this is the most important thing to know about Cash. It is depreciating in value, what does that mean? The price of $CCASH drops as the round goes on. So as the 30 days go on it drops in value slightly every day and by the end of the 30 days its value is extremely . This is where the strategy comes in, do you hold the cash and try and win gold by being a top holder, or do you use this to increase your power and loot other players to try and earn more!

Cash ($CCASH) WILL NOT be listed on any central exchanges, it will only be in one pool in Sushi Swap which will also reflect the deflating price. You can either choose to cash out during the round as you make cash for small amounts, or go for the gold at the end! It is important to note you should know your strategy early on, at the end of the round all in-game $CCASH will be burned, and the next round all users will be given 1000 to start again. The winners of each round will also receive a boost with additional $CCASH at the start of the next round as a reward. This is to ensure that no matter when you join the game, now or in a year you have the same opportunity to fight your way to the top of the table. With all $CCASH being burned at the end of the round it is SO important to have your strategy ready, will you cash out, or will you go for the prize?

How does the game work?

So we mentioned a never before seen set of tokenomics earlier right? CrimeCash is played in 30 day rounds, with the winners at the end those who have the highest power, the largest gangs (most referral code uses), and the users with the most $CCASH. You are able to hold your $CCASH in your wallet, or transfer it to your bank for safe keeping! Be careful, to make purchases from the store you need to have $CCASH in your wallet — players can loot you for any cash you are carrying at any time! So be smart, you can lose your money as fast as you earn it. It is as much a game of strategy as power. Do you want to use your money to buy weapons and power up, do you want to put your money in the bank and go for the gold? You can also transfer your $CCASH out to your Metamask and trade in a liquidity pool on Sushi Swap — but remember the value drops over time so it may not be worth as much as you first thought! All $CCASH is burned at the end of each round, with the next round everyone is given 1000 $CCASH to get started, the winners from the previous round also win a share of $CCASH to get started in the next round.

As we mentioned you can use your Cash to buy assets (weapons) from the store, and you can use your Gold to mint NFT’s using the NFT wheel! It will cost 0.1% of circulating supply of Gold to mint an NFT. You have two options; Weapons and Perks. The best thing about this is we don’t favour the large gold holders, it is random. Everyone has the same chance at getting all weapons and perks! That creates a level playing field for all, this fits perfectly with CoreStarter and our vision of power back to small investors! There are differences with assets bought in the store, and minted as NFTs. NFTs are minted as it says, that means they are digital assets. Items bought in store are just in-game ‘assets’. At the end of the round all $CCASH as we mentioned is burned, but so are ‘assets’ bought in store. The only thing rolled over in the game will be the NFTs you mint using gold! That means if you do this you will have the upper hand going into the next round.

You might be asking why the game is run this way, the answer is simple and this quote comes straight from the team bringing CrimeCash to you!

“It’s part of the whole game mechanism that the weapons get reset. Else the game will break down, people having too much power and money inside the game. People that play for 6 months and can’t be defeated by any player that joins at that time for example. And the reset makes it possible to get everyone back to 0. And the NFT weapons are not that powerful, and you need to be lucky to get a good weapon.”

Questions about pools being open and listing on CMC

You may have noticed that pools of $CCASH and $CGOLD were already in circulation, this is because the beta game has been released and tokens needed to be minted to ensure the game worked correctly. As the tokenomics are brand new, it is important to make sure this is all functioning before the IDO and release the main version of the game! “We realise that opening a pool for beta testing has confused many users, we apologise for that! We have taken snapshots and are closing the current pool to avoid any early trading before the game starts” Please note, buying any $CCASH or $CGOLD will not give you an advantage, remember all cash is burned at the end of a round, and the $CGOLD is moving to a new contract $CRIME.

We hope that this has helped explain the game, and has given you a better understanding of how this addictive game will be sure to turn heads! It is a brand new concept that completely breaks down barriers to entry! We will be hosting an AMA on the 18th December in our CrimeCash chat at 1pm UTC. After reading this if you have any questions please submit them to me on telegram @CrimeCash.Biz BETA and I will help answer these during the session. There will be no rewards during this AMA, it is purely to help you understand all of this. We will host another AMA with rewards including in-game NFTs, Gold and Cash before the IDO of $CCASH and official game release!




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