CrimeCash: Competitor Analysis

4 min readFeb 3, 2022

The digital sphere keeps moving forward by leaps and bounds, as the pandemic has encouraged the rise of Blockchain-powered gaming. This technology has shown the world its ability to shape the future. Along with decentralized finance (DeFi), the concept of GameFi has become one of today’s most flourishing fields. Unlike traditional games, digital natives can now earn a living from their passion while competing in vicious tournaments. This situation has brought great innovation to GameFi.

CrimeCash is designed for those eager to challenge themselves while earning an attractive revenue stream. However, CrimeCash is not alone in space. There are a myriad of Blockchain-powered games around. So, it’s fair to ask: What makes CrimeCash such a popular and captivating project? Find out how CrimeCash stands out from the rest and what it has put in place to bring an improved solution to the gaming industry.

The GameFi industry

Have you ever heard the following quote? “Know your enemy and know yourself, and you will emerge victorious from a thousand battles” Well, that is what CrimeCash has done. Through a detailed analysis of projects operating in GameFi, CrimeCash has analyzed and identified pain points, user feedback, and emerging trends to integrate the best solutions into its platform. The result is a well-designed game for everyone.

Five Issues faced by the industry:

High barriers to entry

As a game’s popularity grows, the initial investment increases. Sometimes, it can discourage newcomers. A clear example is Axie Infinity: each user has to spend approximately $400 to get started.

The first to arrive wins

First-timers have an advantage over newcomers in many P2E games. It fosters unfairness, as more experienced competitors get powerful unlimited NFTs at low prices, thus wiping out the chances of newcomers to compete.

An overused gaming theme

P2E sector must remember that the success of video games depends on a compelling theme. The purpose is to inspire gamers to achieve their goals. However, currently, the standard theme is mainly about dragons and heroes. The list is endless: Binamon, Binemon, Binamars, Polkamon, Zoon, Dragonary. Hard to distinguish them.

Poor rewards system

Players know that playing has a cost, and for some, it is a profitable investment. They expect a high benefit at the end of the day. However, DungeonSwap and SquidMoon have shown that the initial investment can fall off in a jiffy. Numerous crypto-enthusiasts believed in the hype train and did not expect to see their money go down the drain.

Complex game mechanics

The most successful games are always the simplest for a reason: they don’t complicate users’ lives. Tetris, Duck Hunt, or Flappy Bird prove it. Play-to-earn games (P2EG) should be modeled on that simplicity to prevent users from backing out.

CrimeCash, a P2EG for everyone

CrimeCash is based on 5 main areas to develop a game that suits everyone:

Free to play

CrimeCash encourages global gamers to step into a highly competitive world for free. To do so, it rewards newcomers with 1000 $CCASH — the in-game currency — to start looting their opponents. Simply put, members can compete against the top of the cream for free, by using the CrimeCash gift.


CrimeCash runs in 30-day rounds. After that, all $CCASH is burned and weapons are destroyed. The purpose of this rule is to boost fairness among all participants. Setting everyone to 0 is an assumed part of the project strategy to even the odds.


CrimeCash has developed a unique and engaging theme around the underworld. Hardly used in the P2E industry, the game lets anyone immerse themselves in a violent atmosphere and enjoy the experience to the fullest.


There are ways to develop power and status without spending money. Using the referral program is a great way to do so. Each new felon you add to your crew will help you get 1000 $CCASH and 500 attack power to keep on crushing your opponents. On top of that, the rewards available to winners are given in a deflationary currency to maximize profits.


To be the baddest gangster in town, players must loot everyone out of their $CCASH by building a badass team and getting the most explosive weapons in the NFT WEAPONS WHEEL or power-ups in the NFT PERKS WHEEL. It sounds like a pretty simple rule, right?

From Play-to-Win to Play-to-Earn

P2EG is a fantastic revolution due to its accessibility. Those who enjoy playing only need a cell phone or a computer, and Internet connection to start generating income in a matter of minutes. Thus, several companies are pushing their development to offer the best projects to gaming enthusiasts. GameFi offers new forms of revenue that 20 years ago were unimaginable: who would have thought that entertainment could give you an income stream and be, at times, more lucrative than conventional jobs? No one knows what the future holds for GameFi, but the money-making opportunities it offers are changing the gaming landscape.

About CrimeCash

CrimeCash is a play-to-earn game built on the Fantom blockchain. To win a round and rule the CrimeCash streets as the ultimate criminal mastermind, players must collect enough loot over a thirty-day period to don the crown. In the pursuit to become the CrimeWorld kingpin, players have multiple ways to earn $CRIME and $CCASH. To know more about the gameplay and development updates, follow our Twitter, Discord, and Telegram Channel.




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