CrimeCash — New Farming and $CCASH Boosts

2 min readJun 21, 2022


CrimeCash Round 2 is already ongoing and we couldn’t be happier to present the last article detailing the changes to our play-to-earn mafia-themed game.

Rising to the top is difficult, but staying there is oftentimes even harder. Whether you are a low-life gangster or an already established mob boss, you’ll want to learn all about the new updates so you can have better chances of making it in the life of organized crime.

In this article, we’ll be sharing the new percentages relating to the referral program and farming mechanics of CrimeCash.

All crime, no farming?

CrimeCash enables players to stake their $CCASH tokens in exchange for rewards. Farming boosts, which can go all the way up to a whopping +75%, will be distributed among players based on their $CRIME staking tier.

NFT (non-fungible token) staking will also undergo a few changes. While in Round 1 it was possible to stake up to three NFTs, offering a maximum boost of 300%, in Round 2 it will be possible to stake five NFTs with a maximum boost of 500%.

Alternatively, users may also increase their bottom line by purchasing boost directly with $CCASH tokens.

Referral boost

While many in our player base are fans of our referral program, we concluded that the percentages offered were simply unsustainable. As such, when Round 2 finally kicks off the referral boost will be lowered to 25%.

The perks of being a gangster

What is your strategy? Will you take advantage early on and become a “made man” or fall victim to more ambitious and criminal-minded players?

The good news is that, if you are reading this, you are already ahead of the rest of the CrimeCash community. You are now equipped with the knowledge to succeed financially, both in real life and inside the underworld of CrimeCash.

About CrimeCash

CrimeCash is a mafia-themed play-to-earn game built on the Fantom blockchain.

To win a round and rule the CrimeCash streets as the ultimate criminal mastermind, players must collect enough loot over a thirty-day period to don the crown. In a pursuit to become the CrimeWorld kingpin, players have multiple ways to earn $CRIME and $CCASH.

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