GameFi Market status overview

3 min readMar 10, 2022

As cryptocurrencies continue to be a global phenomenon, online gaming has become an arable land for innovation. While traditional games are based on a “pay to win” model, GameFi has come up with a new standard: the play-to-earn (P2E) model that allows players to earn income only by playing their favorite game.

GameFi is a clear example of the encounter between traditional gaming and blockchain that has unlocked new opportunities: players can trade, lend, rent, or borrow against their winnings.

Today, we’ll take you on a ride through the GameFi industry, see how the most popular games are taking over the world and how CrimeCash intends to take its share of the pie.

The Rise of Play-to-Earn

Unlike former games, P2E projects empower players by giving back a monetary incentive for their time. Such projects have broken down entry barriers by democratizing winning opportunities. Now, anyone is capable of earning in a matter of minutes.

The Advantages Of GameFi

GameFi has revolutionized the gaming industry in several advantageous ways. Most of the projects do not require any cost to play compared to traditional games. Also, the industry provides players with staking, liquidity mining, and yield farming options that allow players multiple passive income opportunities.

In addition, GameFi projects try to involve their users as much as possible by developing their participation. Thus, players can vote on game improvements and place their assets to unlock other rewards to purchase more powerful in-game items.

Popular GameFi projects

Although the industry offers a wide variety of Blockchain games. Some of them are particularly eye-catching, and will likely be gold mines for the crypto space. Here are the ones you should pay close attention to:

1) Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is one of Gamefi’s greatest financial achievements. It’s one of the games that engage the most players — about 120,000 daily — Axie Infinity allows GameFi to bring in huge amounts of money, sometimes reaching 1 billion dollars per month.

2) DeFi Kingdoms

DeFi Kingdom competes closely with Axie Infinity, with sales volume approaching $300 million in transactions. Defi Kingdoms is the number one trading site in the world and provides its audience with characters called Heroes, who will be the centerpieces in their quest to earn tokens.

3) Cryptokitties

CryptoKitties allows animal lovers to breed and collect adorable kitties. Each CryptoKitty generated is a unique NFT that can be sold at a high price and cannot be replicated, removed, or destroyed.

CrimeCash Overview

At CrimeCash, we saw the potential that the GameFi industry represents, and we could not miss the chance to provide a unique game for everyone. Therefore, we launched a concept that has all the features to satisfy the toughest G’s looking for extreme sensations.

We bring you an exciting and fun theme based on the criminal underworld, an underrepresented scenario in the P2E world. We have carefully designed every aspect of our game to make a frictionless customer experience. Our goal is to provide a fairer playing field where you can start earning money while taking over the crime world.

About CrimeCash

CrimeCash is a play-to-earn game built on the Fantom blockchain. To win a round and rule the CrimeCash streets as the ultimate criminal mastermind, players must collect enough loot over a thirty-day period to don the crown.

In a pursuit to become the CrimeWorld kingpin, players have multiple ways to earn $CRIME and $CCASH. To know more about the gameplay and development updates, follow our Twitter, Discord, and Telegram Channel.




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