In-Game Series:Power is the real edge or you’ll have to find ways to save your money

  • Looking for unlimited weapons?
  • Looking for special powers?
  • Looking for specific weapons?
  • The 50 players with the most CCASH
  • The 50 players with the most power
  • The 25 players with the most referrals
  • Start by creating your squad: invite your friends to join the game through your referral link. Each new felon you bring to your crew will give you 1000 $CCASH and 500 attack power to keep on crushing your opponents.
  • Power up your arsenal: weapons range from a simple knife (300 power points) to an unstoppable tank (14119472 power points). The numbers are easy to work out!
  • Gather your firepower: no one will stand in your way. Loot every one of their $CCASH, climb to the podium and make history as one of the baddest overlords CrimeCash has ever had.



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Crimecash is a game where you can buy weapons and loot other players. Join our telegram