Top 3 Crime Games in Blockchain

  1. Mobland
  1. Sinverse
  1. Galaxy of Crime
  1. We have removed entry barriers by offering a free-to-play game so that all players can start earning money without having to invest anything. Instead, every newcomer receives a reward in the form of $CCASH, our main in-game currency, so they can build on their momentum.
  2. Rewards are a key issue for players looking to maximize their earnings. We address the low rewards problem by rewarding round winners with our $CRIME currency which we have designed to become deflationary. Therefore, at the end of the rounds, we will distribute 950 $CRIME to the lucky winners. Last but not least, players will also have the chance to add liquidity to the Liquidity Pools with APYs that can reach up to 200%.
  3. Game design is a critical part of the project’s success. That’s why we have carefully crafted every aspect of our game to deliver a unique, fun, and profitable P2EG. CrimeCash, whose roots lie in the underworld, allows all G’s to unleash and show the world how dominant they are.



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Crimecash is a game where you can buy weapons and loot other players. Join our telegram